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Holyrood vs. Westminster

Glasgow 2007
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The UK Polling Report has some figures from a Herald votings intention poll.

Labour seem to be heading for a massive defeat in the next Scottish Parliament election, but interestingly, many people are still willing to vote Labour in the Westminster elections, presumable to keep the Tories out of power.

This makes a huge difference.

The figures for Westminster would lead to Labour losing one seat (41 -> 40) and the SNP gaining five (6 -> 11).

However, if the Holyrood constituency voting intention figures were used instead, Labour would lose 30 seats (41 -> 11) and the SNP gain 37 (6 -> 43).

If wish more Scots would realise how bad Brown’s government is for the country.

One thought on “Holyrood vs. Westminster

  • Me too ,,, then maybe we’d have our long sought after INDEPENDENCE & FREEDOM !


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