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I – a grandmother

The last meal
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One of the really odd things about Georgian is the words for members of the family. It’s bad enough that “father” is mama and “mother” is deda, but to confuse matters further, most terms can be used both ways, i.e., mama can mean both “father” and “son/daughter” (when addressed by their father). This meant that because Caca bebo (whom I lived with in Georgia) adopted me as a grandson (she’s pictured here with her two real grandsons, my mates Lasha and Kakha), she would often call me grandmother. She sadly passed away years ago, so I doubt I will ever be called grandmother again! πŸ™

2 thoughts on “I – a grandmother

  • I like this language – sounds cute, Granny!

    Btw, wrong! πŸ˜‰

  • Wrong? In what way? Btw, the word she normally used was bebik’o “little grandmother” (-ik’o is a common diminutive ending).


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