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I am a Zazen master

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The kids got a shared Wii Fit Plus for Christmas, and I have been using it too, mostly once they’re finally in bed.

I’m OK at many things and quite bad at others, as could be expected.

In general, I seem to be better at yoga than at the supposedly fun games (perhaps harking back to all the yoga I did during PE at high school).

However, I’ve now found my true vocation in life!

Whereas all the others struggle to sit still for more than a minute in the “Zazen” exercise, I managed to get the maximum points (180 seconds without moving at all) after just a couple of attempts.

And it wasn’t just a fluke. Marcel asked how I had done it, so I showed him. 🙂

I really don’t understand why they haven’t added an expert setting – three minutes is far too short a time for true Zazen masters like me! 😉

One thought on “I am a Zazen master

  • Sleeping in front of the telly doesn’t count !


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