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A survey made for The Scotsman now shows support for Scottish independence.

Although I left the SNP and joined the LibDems instead two years ago, I did this because I disagreed with the SNP on some specific policies (in particular, it really upset me how they campaigned against the CFP), and because I felt more and more convinced that I am a liberal first and foremost, not because I disagreed with the goal of Scottish independence within the EU.

England is such a dominant part of the UK, and Scotland is so different in many ways, that independence makes really good sense. Also, coming from an independent country the size of Scotland, it’s clear that Scotland had developed a client mentality – I think independence would be hard, but it would do Scotland good in the longer term.

One thought on “Independence

  • Some of us true Scots have always supported having our Freedom and Independence ! What gives these Engerlanders any right to to be dominant over my Nation ?
    And believe me, it doesn’t matter how hard it might be, we WILL have our Independence back. And soon now.
    I was sorry to hear of your defection to the wooly Lib-Dems.!
    Come back to the SNP ,, you know it’s the right thing to do ?


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