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Liberals Democrats on course for election victory

In a surprising development this morning, a group of Conservative MPs, led by Ken Clarke and John Redwood, joined the Liberal Democrats.

John Redwood said: “As every reader of my blog will know, I have for a long time been warning that the UK economy is in very bad shape and that we need to put in place a credible plan for recovery. After watching the Chancellors’ Debate on Channel 4, I’ve now lost all faith in George Osborne and have realised that my views are much more accurately represented by Vince Cable.”

Ken Clarke added: “I have for a long time tried to make the Conservative Party accept the EU, but I must now face the truth, namely that the party that I used to love is now just a club of EU-haters. My natural home is therefore the Liberal Democrats.”

They were joined by a group of Labour MPs led by John Cruddas.

He said in a statement: “A large group of traditional Labour supporters have been let down by the Iraq war, by the 10p tax debacle, and now by endangering Labour’s newly-won reputation for financial stability. We have lost complete faith in the Labour Party, which is why we have all today, on the 1st of April 2010, joined the Libdems.”

A swift opinion poll undertaken online this morning by YouGov shows a lot of voters are following Clarke, Redwood and Cruddas: 29% Cons, 23% Lab, 41% LibDem, which according to Electoral Calculus would lead to a LibDem majority of 44 seats.

More details here.

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