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Lisbon is now a part of what we live in

Since midnight, the Lisbon Treaty has become part of the fundamental EU treaties.

It has thereby ceased to be a treaty that a country can withdraw from – from today, it is just as much part of the EU as all the past treaties, and if any future government were to disagree with Lisbon, their only way out would be to leave the EU altogether.

Anyway, in my opinion this is a day to celebrate.

I know Lisbon was not perfect by any means, but many of its changes were very much needed to make the EU able to function well.

It’s hard to say how different the EU will turn out to be. Some changes, such as the new EU foreign minister, could be revolutionary, but if the EU officials are timid and the member states are hostile, very little will change.

I for one hope it will work out well. Who knows, perhaps the peoples of Europe will even come to love the Union one day?

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