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More Diplomacy

After talking to the other players, Italy seemed like the most reasonable ally – Russia was too absent, Turkey seemed too untrustworthy, and the other powers are too far removed on the board.

Italy then tempted me with the offer of a bold alliance where I would let him move through my territory (Venice->Trieste->Serbia->Bulgaria), thus confusing the other players and placing us in a really strong position towards Turkey and Russia. I knew this was really dangerous, but I decided I’d rather be bold and either die soon or win than playing a mediocre game.

So far, so good, but Italy has been very quiet recently, so I wonder whether he’s about to stab me in the back. The next moves are due tomorrow, and I’ll know then whether he was really on Turkey’s side or mine.

On the map, I’ve marked the past moves in black, the moves that I’m hoping for in green, and the ones I fear in red.

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