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Neocons and born-again Christians

I’ve just finished reading a very important book.

Conceptually, it consists of three parts:

  • Firstly, it describes the American evangelical (or born-again) Christian movement, tracing its history and explaining what its thinking and aims are.
  • Secondly, the book deals with the neoconservatives, showing how they started out as marxists, later becoming conservatives but retaining their revolutionary instincts.
  • Thirdly, it goes over George W. Bush’s presidency in great detail, in particular the decision-making processes leading up to the Iraq war.

Every European should read the first two parts (i.e., ch. 1–7). The neocons and the born-again Christians are rare beasts here, but they’re everywhere in the US, and understanding them is probably the key to understanding America.

The third part (ch. 8–18) is much longer and is perhaps of less importance moving forward, but well worth reading as a chilling historical document.

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