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Places to see in and around England?

Possible summer holiday map
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Our plan for this summer is to fill our Citroën C8 up with two adults, five kids, a tent, sleeping bags and lots of other stuff, and then drive clockwise round England, possibly taking a small detour to France and Belgium, and possibly another one to Wales (see the map).

We think the kids ought to see London, I would quite like to see Dartmoor, and a friend recommended that we take the kids to Bridlington.

However, I’m actually writing this because I’m interested in your suggestions.

Where should we go? Where are there beaches, museums, castles or rollercoasters that would thrill five kids ranging between 6 months and 13 years, preferably without breaking the bank?

One thought on “Places to see in and around England?

  • Karen Grant left this comment on Facebook:
    Warwick Castle. Alton Towers (although will be busy and expensive). Or Blackpool Pleasure beach – bit less expensive, will be less busy than Alton Towers but full of weedgies, so it might feel too much like home! miniature pony centre in dartmoor (leon and anna would love this – there is a huge field with small ponies roaming free and kids are allowed to go up to stroke, touch them. Both mine loved this place when they were smaller – even asked to go back the following year). how about the dorset coast – go fossil hunting on the various jurassic beaches down there. on way back up, take detour east from leeds to scarborough or whitby – great beaches, great fish and chips. canterbury – picturesque, cathedral, whitstable beach…


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