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Predictions for 2012

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After my disastrous predictions for 2011, here are my predictions for 2012:

  1. The referendum on Scottish independence won’t take place yet.
  2. SF will leave the Danish government.
  3. It will again become possible to get a Danish passport in Scotland.
  4. The euro will not collapse – all current members will remain inside the Eurozone.
  5. The British inflation rate (measured by CPI) will not fall below 4%.
  6. UEFA 2012 will be won by the Netherlands.
  7. After a year with record-breaking levels of rain, Scotland will enjoy its second-warmest year ever.
  8. The Icelandic volcano Katla will erupt and cause a new flight ban over Europe.
  9. The Russian government will be forced to step down and call fresh elections.
  10. The Eurovision Song Contest will be won by Georgia.

5 thoughts on “Predictions for 2012

  • Anders Wegge Keller

    You just can’t help shooting the other foot off as well?

    I only see 1, 4 and 6 as possible events.

      • Anders Wegge Keller

        OK, number eight has a small probability. But not a very large one.

        As for the british inflation. I don’t think it will fall below 4% in 2012. As I understand it, the real-estate crisis in the UK is even worse than the danish, so one way or the other, the government will be forced to ease the pain by way of keeping inflation high. It will be called something else, but the effect will be the same.

  • I predict the negation of each individual statement. Based on your 2011 performance, I should be in good shape 😉


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