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The end of Belgium?

The results of the elections in Belgium might end up with more autonomy for Flanders.

Although I don’t think there’s any chance of Belgium falling apart just yet, I do wonder whether that will be the eventual outcome – I doubt the Flemish movement will be happy longterm with anything less than independence.

It seems from what I’ve seen on Wikipedia that the extremists in both Flanders and Wallonia would rather like joining their part of the country with the Netherlands and France, respectively. I doubt it’s very likely, but it would be an interesting prospect.

Apart from that, I wonder what would happen to Brussels. It’s situated within Flanders, and the Flemish nationalists claim it as theirs, but it’s mainly French-speaking, so it would not be a happy bunny as part of independent Flanders (or of the Netherlands).

Personally, I think Brussels should become a federal district of the EU, in the same manner as for instance Washington DC.

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