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Those strange Finns

A genetic map of Europe.
A genetic map of Europe. Some abbreviations: DK=Copenhagen, UK=London, DE1=Kiel, DE2=Augsburg, FI=Helsinki, NL=Rotterdam, HU=Hungary, IT1=Italy, IT2=Marche (Italy), FR=Lyon.

There’s an article in Videnskab (in Danish) about some researchers who’ve made a genetic map of Europe.

It shows that Finns very much are the odd man out, but the Italians and to a certain extent the English also display some differences.

Unfortunately, they haven’t sampled any Scots. And I wonder where Anna would show up, with her mixture of Scottish, Danish and South German genes – would she look Dutch? 😉

Given that Finnish is a non-Indoeuropean language, I’m not overly surprised that they’re genetically different, but given that their language is related to Hungarian, it’s a bit more surprising that the latter seem to fit right in – did they mix more with the previous population?

One thought on “Those strange Finns

  • Genetics supports the ethnocentricism of Hungarian historical linguists:

    As you are already aware, the Hungarians have argued that they impossibly could have any relation to the Finns, linguistically or otherwise, as the Finns are just a bunch of fish-eaters.


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