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Bristol's first or second child?

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Sarah Palin’s announcement that her daughter Bristol is pregnant seems to have convinced some bloggers that Trig must then have been Sarah’s, not Bristol’s, as many used to think.

However, Phyllis and I have been discussing this a lot, and we think the following points need to be addressed before we are convinced:

  • Why were all family photos of Sarah and Bristol taken during the pregnancy leading to Trig’s birth removed from the servers over the weekend?
  • Why are there no photos or videos of Sarah Palin at the conference in Dallas that she attended after her waters broke on the 17th of April?
  • How did she manage to have a 22-hour labour with her fifth child (that weighed only 6 pounds)? Subsequent babies are normally fast.
  • Why is Trig’s birth not registered at the hospital where he was reportedly born?
  • Why has Sarah Palin not put an end to all the gossip by releasing complete birth records for Trig?
  • Why are there no medical witnesses, for both amnio and birth?
  • Given that she knew that the baby had Down’s, why was she willing to take the risk of travelling while in labour? Down’s babies are often born with heart defects and need resuscitating.
  • Phyllis’s fourth pregnancy was noticed around 18 weeks (4½ months) – why wasn’t Sarah’s at 7 months, especially given that she was huge during earlier pregnancies?
  • Given Trig’s weight when he was born one month prematurely, it sounds odd that Sarah Palin should have been smaller this time than during earlier pregnancies.
  • Why was Bristol away from school for five months? And if she wasn’t, why hasn’t there been an official statement from her school to confirm her attendance?
  • If she really had glandular fever, why was she involved in car crashes (including one outside the maternity clinic)?
  • Down’s babies tend to be smaller than average, so Trig does not appear to be one month premature based on his weight.
  • How pregnant is Bristol at the moment? The official statements have been very vague, although it would be so easy to give the gestation in weeks. Given that they’re using this pregnancy to say that she can’t have been pregnant before, this is important. For instance, if she’s only four months pregnant, that matches her first ovulation after an 18th April birth. Especially for young women, getting pregnant again almost immediately after birth is not rare.
  • Bristol went from being flat-chested to having a fertile pair of breasts in a few months. Breasts grow during pregnancy.
  • Current photos of Bristol show her to be incredibly big for a first pregnancy, especially for a teenager. On the other hand, a second pregnancy within one year wouldn’t let the body get any chance to get back in shape.
  • Going back to work on the third day after birth stretches the imagination. It’s the day the milk comes in, and most women would still be hæmorrhaging substantial amounts.

It would be so easy to make everybody stop speculating by releasing birth certificates and a few statements from people involved. Then the election could get back on track instead of focusing so much on Sarah Palin’s trustworthiness.

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