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There’s an excellent article in The Independent today about transfat.

I knew Denmark had outlawed transfat altogether, but I didn’t realise so few countries had followed suit so far (only Switzerland in Europe).

Also, I didn’t realise the results were so staggering. According to the article, “the rate of heart disease among Danes has dropped by a staggering 40 per cent” since the ban was introduced five years ago.

I think there should be an EU-wide ban, but until that happens, I definitely think Scotland (or the UK if it’s not devolved) should introduce a complete ban, the sooner the better!

One thought on “Transfat

  • Thomas, this is most worrying ,, I’m now ,,, eh, quite old ,, and I’ve never in all my life even heard of Transfat ! and it’s been killing me slowly all those years ,,, Helpmaboab !


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