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Winds from the east

On an icy trampoline
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There’s been snow on the ground here in Newton Mearns since Anna’s birthday (19th December), and that’s not usual for the west of Scotland. I mean, we have palm trees, and they don’t like these temperatures at all!

There’s a good article in The Telegraph explaining that the unusual weather is due to the winds coming from the north and east instead of from the south and west.

As part of this new wind pattern, parts of Canada have much milder weather than usual.

Although it’s not mention in the article, I can’t help wondering whether something similar was happening during the early summer months of 2009, when we had much warmer and drier weather than we’re used to.

And of course, it would be useful to know whether this is a one-off, or whether easterly winds are going to be a frequent occurrence in future years.

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