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An SNP-Conservative coalition?

Recent opinion polls for the elections to the Scottish Parliament in about a month’s time indicate that it might be possible for the SNP to form a government with either the LibDems or the Conservatives. Because the Conservatives are so widely reviled in Scotland, it seems to me that most people assume the SNP will have to form a government with the LibDems.

However, the LibDems know that, and it seems to me they’re planning to sell themselves very dearly indeed, the veto on a referendum on independence being but one example.

On the other hand, the Conservatives are not in a good position to make ultimate demands, and they have a strong need to put a lot of distance to the Thatcher era. If I was David Cameron, I’d tell them to offer the SNP anything to get into government, so long as they get some ministerial posts and are free to campaign for a No in the referendum.

There are many unknowns in this game, but I do wonder whether Salmond will be driven into bed with the Tories by necessity.

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