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LibDems for Scottish independence

Although I’m a member of the LibDems, I support Scottish independence. I actually used to be a member of the SNP, but I disagreed with some of their policies (on fisheries, for instance), and I decided that I’d rather be in a party where I agree with the ideology and most policies, even if I disagree with the party on such a major topic.

Given all of this, I got quite annoyed by Nicol Stephen’s hard stance on independence (he’ll only support a referendum if there’s a majority of pro-independence parties).

The way I see it, Scottish independence is a perpendicular question, that is, something that is not strongly related to most other policy questions: One might agree with the SNP on their education policy, but not support independence, or one might think Labour are great on military questions, yet support independence. Indeed, one might like the SNP best but be against independence, or one might be a pro-independence LibDem like me.

All parties should stop being for or against independence. If independence comes, Labour, the LibDems and the Conservatives will have to find a way to function in independent Scotland, and if the Scottish people vote no to independence, the SNP cannot just cease to exist. They should therefore stop having an opinion about it, and let it be up to everybody’s individual conscience.

3 thoughts on “LibDems for Scottish independence

  • freescotlandnow

    Thanks for pointing out that even people in the traditional unionist parties actually support independence. Have you ever thought of joining the referendum group Independence First?

    IF are having a March on 31/03 (details on above site) for an independence referendum hope to see you there.

  • Independence for Scotland is essential.

    Tavish Scott can hardly run his family let aloan a country.


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