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Political honeymoon

Camden against the cuts, 1980
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YouGov have measured the popularity of the new government (PDF here).

The overall approval rating of 60% (vs. 33% disapproval) is perhaps not great.

However, what I find astonishing is that it seems to be popular in the entire country:

  • Both sexes (men 62%, women 57%)
  • All ages (18-34 61%, 35-54 56%, 55+ 61%)
  • Both social grade bands (ABC1 65%, C2DE 53%)
  • All countries/regions (Scotland 58%, London 55%, South of England 70%, Midlands/Wales 58%, North of England 49% [vs. 44% against])

In fact, the only group against the government is Labour voters, who naturally enough disapprove (25% for, 68% against).

Both Tories and LibDems approve (by 87% and 69%, respectively).

I dare say this is very positive.

I’m sure a Tory-only government wouldn’t have been that popular in Scotland, for instance.

Hopefully the new government will make good use of its honeymoon with the voters!

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