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Vote Match

Vote MatchIn Denmark, websites that calculate which parties you agree the most with have been a regular feature of election campaigns for a decade.

However, they have been missing in the UK (to some extent because they make less sense under first-past-the-post), but now there’s finally one on The Telegraph’s site: Vote Match.

I tried it out, and it gave me roughly the results I expected (see the graph on the right).

The UKIP are much further up than I expected, and I had expected the LibDems and the SNP to be neck-and-neck, but then I do disagree with certain LibDem policies (such as Scottish independence and a referendum on EU membership).

Do try it out, and if you’re brave enough, publish your results in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “Vote Match

  • A very interesting link, thank you. I have tried this, my results are completely different from yours. I now have an explanation as to your “vote SNP” article. My results were 76% UKIP, and 72% BNP, so my thoughts on their policies has been confirmed. One thing we can agree on, is that Labour should be removed. However, I am unsure if it is the SNP I wish to see taking that seat. Too much power to the SNP will rip our country apart, providing the people are foolish enought to fall for their plans to surrender to the EU.

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