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Two-party Britains

For many years, the Conservatives and Labour divided almost all of Britain between themselves.

Under IDS, there seemed to be a possibility that the LibDems would replace the Tories as the main opposition to Labour, and now there is a possibility that Labour will disappear.

So I asked myself which constituencies the LibDems would have to win to become the main opposition party.

To find an answer, I used Electoral Calculus’s user-defined prediction, and I fiddled around with the parameters until I achieved two big parties and a very small third party (30-40 seats). I didn’t do anything about the SNP or other parties.

I did this for three scenarios: Labour-Conservative Britain, Liberal-Conservative Britain, and Labour-Liberal Britain.

Three Britains

The first one is very similar to the 2005 election, just with fewer yellow dots. Labour is strong in Scotland, Wales and the big cities, and the Tories rule the rest.

The second one is perhaps what we’ll see in 2014. Labour are holding on to a few seats in Wales, Scotland and the big cities (e.g., Glasgow North-East, Rhondda and West Ham), but apart from Scotland and Cornwall, the LibDems are now dominating the cities, with the Tories dominating the rural seats.

The third scenario is now totally unrealistic, but just a few years ago it would have seemed likely. The Tories are holding on to places like Richmond and Buckingham, but otherwise the LibDems have taken over most of the countryside, with Labour mainly holding on their current seats.

3 thoughts on “Two-party Britains

  • I have been a labour suporter for many years and will continue to do so.

  • Well good for you silly Fiona .,.,
    It’s true then ,, some people NEVER learn !
    And Thomas .,., ” I didn’t do anything about the SNP” WHY ??
    They are going to be the leading party in my country !

  • Correction .,., They ARE the leading party in my country !


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