bookmark_borderTory readership?

I got something of a shock today when I saw two of the ads that Google added to my blog (see the illustration on the left). I know there are many former Tory leaders, but surely they don’t need to sell them on eBay?!? And how many readers of the blog would be interested in buying a David Cameron T-shirt?

Google Ad’s algorithm never ceases to amaze me!


J’étais chez le médecin aujourd’hui parce que j’ai une angine pour la dixième fois dans six mois. Il me donna beaucoup de la pénicilline – il faut que je mange huit pilules chaque jour.

Je n’espère pas qu’on m’enlève les amygdales, mais c’est une consequence possible si la pénicilline ne fonctionnera pas.

bookmark_borderA challenge

The Ten Cheeseburger Challenge
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Phyllis has just set me a challenge: I’m to blog something interesting in ten different languages, not including English, Danish and German, over the next ten days, as a punishment for pointing out that her knowledge of basic kanji is somewhat limited.

It’s obviously fairly easy to blog in Spanish, Esperanto, Nynorsk and so on, but if I am to reach ten, I guess I have to use most of Georgian, Japanese, Basque, Russian, Czech, Latin, Swedish, Dutch, Italian, French, Portuguese, Gaelic or some of the weirder languages I’m supposed to have some knowledge of.