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Hideous moustache day!
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Nearly a month ago, I wrote on Facebook: “I’ve decided to try a variation on Movember: Instead of starting with a clean-shaven face and then growing a moustache, I’m starting with a normal one (after removing the bottom half of my goatee) and will try to make a beautiful Dalí-style one out of it during November.”

It’s St. Andrew’s Day today, which marks the end of Movember, so my moustache will disappear at bedtime tonight.

At least I managed to make it curly, but I’m afraid it’s not nearly as impressive as Dalí’s — I guess that takes much longer to achieve. I could probably have made it longer if I had known exactly how to grow it, though — I erroneously trimmed it too much in the middle and too little on the sides. At least I’ll know next time! 🙂

Anyway, the amount of bonding that happens amongst Mo Brothers is amazing, so if you’ve never tried it, please do so next year.

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