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Bugs and Scorpions
Originally uploaded by decadavide.

I’ve always disliked scorpions (well, ever since Ötz found a scorpion crawling on his son’s duvet in his house in Italy very close to my parents’). That said, I’m in two minds whether I like them better roasted on a spit, like the seem to do in China. It has the advantage they’re dead, but on the other hand I’m not sure I’d really fancy putting one into my mouth. Oh well, I’m not planning any trips to China, so there’s no need to make a decision just yet…

3 thoughts on “Scorpions

  • maybe they can be roasted together with wasps?

  • I’ve never had a roast wasp – have you? Perhaps they’re good dipped in chocolate?

  • Ask Maree – apparently after stumbling on a wasps’ byke as a small child (4ish I think), Andrew was stung an unimaginable number of times. She worried about the psychological effect but there seemed to be none until one morning months later she gave him muesli for breakfast, he picked out the raisins and announced he didn’t mind the cereal but would rather not eat the wasps!


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