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Delivering the News
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If you buy a newspaper in a shop in Denmark, you’ll notice it’s much dearer than in the UK (£2-3 for a quality newspaper, rather than 60p-£1.20).

That’s because most people in Denmark subscribe to their daily newspaper, which is much cheaper (often less than half the price).

When you subscribe to a newspaper, the publisher will arrange delivery straight to your home, and in cities this is guaranteed to happen before 6.30am so that you can have it before you go to work.

So when I moved to Scotland, I was more than a little surprised and annoyed to discover that you can’t just call the Herald and get them to send you the newspaper every morning at half the price.

I’ve since discovered that many corner shops will deliver your newspaper to your home, but that doesn’t save you any money.

Also, some newspapers will let you subscribe, but that works by giving you vouchers that you can use to buy your paper in the shop.

Why don’t British newspapers realise that they can increase sales significantly and increase profits (by cutting out the shops) by introducing the Danish system?

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