bookmark_borderTjenestemænd uden pensionsalder

Organist in action
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Min mor fortalte mig i forgårs, at Kirkeministeriet har afskaffet pensionsalderen for organisterne.

Det lyder jo fint nok i princippet, men jeg tror, de har glemt at tænke på, mange af dem er tjenestemænd og altså er næsten umulige at slippe af med.

Hidtil har man jo nok beholdt mange skrantende organister ud fra det hensyn, at de jo var nødt til at gå, når de fyldte 70.

Nu bliver man jo så nødt til at føre tjenestemandssager mod dem i stedet, og det gider mange menighedsråd givetvis ikke.

Det er derfor ikke ret smart at afskaffe pensionsalderen uden samtidig at reducere folks sikkerhed i ansættelsen.

bookmark_borderUn tracteur des herbes

Please, Keep Off the Grass
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I had a dream last night.

I was in France, in a place with mountains close to the sea.

I walked up to a big Citroën, where two old guys were standing talking to a young one.

The young one asked me in English to wait there while he got a lawn mower that needed to go into the car.

As soon as he had left, the old guys and I got into the car and drove away.

I then had to persuade the old guys – who only spoke French – that we needed to return.

However, I didn’t know what a lawn mower was called in French, so I tried to call it un tracteur des herbes, which they didn’t fully understand, so we went into a supermarket so that I could point at one.

The funny thing is that the old guys were speaking a patois that I could only understand ten percent of, yet I could hear all the words in the dream.

I reminds me of another dream I had a few years ago, in which I was a pupil in a French class, and my teacher was speaking rapidly and clearly in French, and correcting my mistakes.

How is this possible? The fact that I didn’t remember the actual words the teacher and the old guys used the next morning makes me wonder whether my brain was telling me they were speaking clearly, yet without actually producing the words.

Do other people ever dream in languages they don’t speak well?

bookmark_borderWordPress plugins

WordPress on the back
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Now I’ve been using WordPress for a wee while, so I thought this would be a good time to list the plugins I’m using:

  • Category Cloud: Produces the “label cloud” which lists the labels I’m using in different font sizes.
  • Random Posts: Lists links to random old posts.
  • Similar Posts: Lists similar posts to the one you’re looking at.
  • Twitter: Shows the latest status messages from Twitter.
  • Stats: Gives me some stats on who’s reading my blog.
  • WordPress Mobile Edition: Ensures my blog can be read on a mobile phone

Are there any other plugins I should be using? Let me know which ones you like if you’re using WordPress, too.

bookmark_borderHvil i fred, Rune!

Billede fra første møde for dk.kultur.sprog.  Rune står yderst til højre.
Billede fra første møde for dk.kultur.sprog. Rune står yderst til højre.

Jeg har pludselig fundet ud af, at Rune Zedeler døde for to måneder siden.

Jeg kendte ham fra datalogi, fra TÅGEKAMMERET, og ikke mindst fra dk.kultur.sprog.

Jeg mistede kontakten med ham, da jeg flyttede til Skotland, men det gjorde alligevel ondt, da jeg hørte, han var død.

bookmark_borderOne member, five votes

labour comference aplause
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Labour is a bizarre party:

If you are seeking a source of innocent merriment, ask your Labour MSPs how many votes they have in [the Scottish leadership] contest. The top total I’ve discerned so far is five.

Here’s how that breaks down. Labour MSP – one vote. Co-op MSP – one vote. Union member – one vote. Party member – one vote. Affiliated society, such as the Fabians – or the Socialist Health Association – one vote. Five in total.